Planning a party can be exciting, and one key element to its success is preparing fun and creative games that guests can take home as a memento of a fantastic event. In this article, we will present you with several ideas for original games that are guaranteed to liven up your celebration.

Create Your Own Party Bracelets:

Prepare a set of colorful beads, elastic strings, and various decorative elements for your guests. They can create their own bracelets according to their preferences. This activity not only guarantees entertainment but also provides guests with a beautiful souvenir that will remind them of your celebration.

Photo Corner with Handmade Props:

Set up a corner in the room where guests can take funny and entertaining photos. Prepare a table with a wide range of props that guests can make themselves. For example, wooden mustaches, colorful glasses, signs, and many other amusing items. Let the guests snap pictures and create unforgettable memories.

Design Your Own Glass:

Purchase non-tempered glass cups and provide special glass markers. Allow guests to paint their cups with their names, creative drawings, or anything that represents them. Afterward, the cups can be baked in the oven to permanently fix the designs. Guests can then take home a unique and personalized glass as a memento of the celebration.

DIY Wooden Puzzle:

For this activity, you will need wooden boards and photographs capturing fun moments with guests or motifs that are meaningful to them. Use glue to attach the photos to the boards, and then cut them into small puzzle pieces. Each guest can assemble their own puzzle and take it home as a unique keepsake of the celebration.

Custom Jewelry Making:

Prepare a variety of beads, pendants, chains, and other materials for making jewelry. Be creative and offer different styles such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Guests can create their own pieces of jewelry according to their personal taste and style and also take home fun party favors.

We believe that these ideas for creative games with party surprises will brighten up your event and provide guests with unforgettable fun. Don't forget to customize the games to suit your needs and the preferences of your guests. Get ready for laughter, joy, and wonderful memories that your guests will take home with them.